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Dream ♥ Believe
The Collective Journal of a certain Chivalrous Vampire. :3
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30th-Jan-2009 11:36 pm - mai resource post
Live. Love. Laugh.Collapse )
29th-Jan-2009 09:40 pm - welcome to konakonapon! :3
I'm so having second thoughts about this.

Welcome, you have just reached konakonapon, a collective journal by chivalrous_vamp. It's where she dumps her graphics, her fan-fictions, and other stuff. This was supposed to be a pure graphics journal, not a comm, but I decided against that since logging in and out of my account is tiring and I'm lazy, so yeah. :3

this journal was supposed to be named konakona_gfx, but then little ol' Aile pulled through for me and told me to change the name to konakonapon. Oh, and the name is about Konata Izumi of Lucky Star, since I am just an insane rabid Konata fan-girl. Oh yeah, I love the way Konata is. She's well, kinda like me because of the fact that she and I both have friends who don't understand the Otaku ways. So, yeah.

Feel free to watch my comm. Thanks!
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